Autonomous and Dynamic Logistics Research Group

The Autonomous and Dynamic Logistics Research Group created in 2015 within the Department of Mobility Engineering, UFSC, supports teaching activities and enables the development of basic and applied research and  private and public sectors research and extension projects. The group works with the undergraduate degree, in the training of transport and logistics engineers, metro-rail engineers and naval engineering. The work developed by the group focuses on the development and use of computational models and analytical processes to solve dynamic and autonomous logistics problems related mainly to the following aspects: Intelligent Transportation Systems, Transportation Planning, Supply Chain, Operational Research, Logistics Port.

Research Lines

  • Inventory management, warehousing and logistic performance indicators
  • Maritime and port logistics
  • Logistics for emergency care systems
  • Modeling, simulation and optmization of logistics process

Group Leaders



  • Beatriz Murakami Chow
  • Flavia Haweroth
  • Guilherme Laux Kolling

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