Teacher Research Lines

Andréa Holz Pfutzenreuter

Built Environment
Housing planning, management and projects
Social spaces

Christiane Wenck Nogueira Fernandes

Operational Research
Transport and Urban Mobility
Traffic Engineering

Elisete Santos da Silva Zagheni

Transport and logistics management
Planning and operation of transportation systems
Distribution Logistics

Francielly Hedler Staudt

Logistic performance evaluation
Supply Chain Inventory Management
Warehouse Management/ Distribution Center

Gian Ricardo Berkenbrock

Information systems
Distributed systems
Discrete simulation

Janaina Renata Garcia

Industrial management
Production management
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Strategic planning

Pablo Andretta Jaskowiak

Data grouping
Artificial intelligence

Renata Cavion

Transport Terminals
Geographic Analysis
Urban Plans

Silvia Lopes de Sena Taglialenha

Operational Research
Transport and Urban Mobility

Simone Becker Lopes

Trip generator pole analysis based on traffic simulation model
Dynamic, spatial, and integrated modeling of land use and transport
Spatial analysis technique of urban mobility data
Development of collection systems and automatic analysis of traffic data
GIS application for SGPU integration with other urban infrastructures
Planning and management of the urban environment
Urban-environmental planning instruments applicable to “Green Infrastructures”
Land use and transport model for urban mobility planning in medium-sized Brazilian cities
Mobility plans of northeastern Santa Catarina
Cooperation structure for inter-organizational cargo transportation networks
Cooperation between the county of Joinville and UFSC (Campus Joinville)

Vanina Macowski Durski Silva

Port logisticis
Shipping by sea
Optimization of port operations
Planning and production control
Autonomous and dynamic logistic

Helry Luvillany Fontenele Dias

Aggregate Travel Demand Modeling
Emission modeling of vehicular air pollutants at macro and microscopic level
Modeling of the dispersion of vehicular air pollutants