Research and Extension Projects


Simulation and experimental analysis of the effects of vehicle routing on the thermal performance of products in the physical distribution of cold chain products Coord. Vanina Macowski Durski

Members: prof. Diogo Lôndero da Silva, Gabriel Alexandre Müller, Luíza Bezerra

Port logistics: analysis, mathematical modeling and operations simulation aiming at improving operational efficiency Coord. Vanina Macowski Durski

Members: prof. Christiane Wenck, Beatriz Chow, prof. Mario Chong (Universidad del Pacífico-Peru), Jacy Fonseca, Melina Vargas (mestrado), prof. Ricardo Giesen (Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Chile).

Financiador: Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico – Auxílio financeiro.

Analysis of management strategies of micro and small companies in the naval sector operating in Brazil Coord. Vanina Macowski Durski

Members: Jacy Fonseca

Transport systems and urban mobility: analysis and proposition of solutions for cargo and people transport problems Coord. Christiane Wenck Nogueira Fernandes

Members: Silvia Lopes de Sena Taglialenha

Built environment and population aging Coord. Andrea Holz Pfutzenreuter
Cooperation structure for inter-organizational freight transport networks Coord. Elisete Santos da Silva Zagheni

Members: Janaina Renata Garcia, Simone Becker Lopes

Strategic and entrepeneurial management of transport and logistics Coord. Janaina Renata Garcia

Members: Elisete Santos da Silva Zagheni

Integrated performance evaluation of logistics systems Coord. Francielly Hedler Staudt
Supply chain stock and warehouse management Coord. Francielly Hedler Staudt

Members: Vanina Macowski Durski Silva, Maria Eugênia Reinke

Mobility plans of northeast Santa Catarina cities Coord. Renata Cavion

Members: Andrea Holz PfützenreuterSilvia Lopes de Sena TaglialenhaChristiane Wenck Nogueira Fernandes

Passenger flow simulation at transport terminals Coord. Renata Cavion

Members: GAPE – TL

Impact of aircraft size on airport terminal infrastructure and operation Coord. Renata Cavion
Joinville airport master plan analysis (PDir) Coord. Renata Cavion

Members: GAPE – TL

Impact analysis of RBAC908 ordinance on Joinville airport operations Coord. Renata Cavion
Analysis of the impact of airport noise on the surrounding urban area Coord. Renata Cavion
Study of data grouping techniques Coord. Pablo Andretta Jaskowiak

Members: Vitor Botelho de Sousa.

Scheduling: mathematical modeling and optimization Coord. Silvia Lopes de Sena Taglialenha

Members: Christiane Wenck Nogueira Fernandes

Public transportation crew scale: optimization using meta heuristics Coord. Silvia Lopes de Sena Taglialenha

Members: Juan Carlos Guerra Trinidad

GPO – Operational Research Group Coord. Silvia Lopes de Sena Taglialenha

Coord. Christiane Wenck Nogueira Fernandes

Members: Helry Luvillany Fontenele Dias, Vanina Macowski Durski Silva, Guilherme Laux Kolling, Henrique Araujo Fernandes, Juan Carlos Guerra Trinidad

Joinville sustainable urban mobility integrated project Coord. Simone Becker Lopes
Land use and transport model for urban mobility planning in brazilian medium-sized cities Coord. Simone Becker Lopes

Members: Cira Souza Pitombo, Thamires Ferreira Schubert, Kelvin Centenaro Sobé

Direction for mobility plans of the northeast Santa Catarina cities Coord. Silvia Lopes de Sena Taglialenha
Applying a supply chain and distribution focused business game to high school students Coord. Francielly Hedler Staudt
Creating educational videos on transportation systems Coord. Elisete Santos da Silva Zagheni
Approaching the business community to the transport and logistics engineering course Coord. Francielly Hedler Staudt
GAPE – TL (Transport and logistics engineering research and application group) Coord. Francielly Hedler Staudt
NEMOBI (Sustainable mobility study center) Coord. Simone Becker Lopes